Directors of the company has been in the business of steel for last 20 years venturing both in manufacturing of component and trading.
PVKS corporation LTD has been formed in 2012 to provide innovation and affordable home solutions to customers taking into account modern living and changing life styles.
Products produced by us are mostly made up of green non contemporary alternate materials so as to minimize the usage of wood and wood based products yet give our customers products with unique attributes and usage.
Most of the products we tried ventured in our journey so far has been first time and unique concepts in India.

Vision of the company

we would continuously strive to provide innovative, modern, and unparallel home solution products for our customers at affordable rates to suit the modern life style.

Mission of the company

We will continuously innovate to bring modern designs through use of alternate home solution building material combined with modern manufacturing methods to provide value for money and use to customers.

Core values

• Innovativeness
• Agility
• Scalability
• Value for money
• Service excellence

We are operating with 4 brands in different segments


Products for Johnny Debb is being designed by famous designer Johnny Debb London. He has been instrumental for us in bringing out unique products in very shot time frame. Hence brand is being dedicated to his name to celebrate the zeal of innovativeness.Products produced have some common features.
• All products are space saving products with the motto of “save space and expand living”
• All our products have to serve multiple needs of the customers.
• All products have to be 100% modular.
• Unmatched durability and value for money preposition for the customer.

silver1-150x1501Silver Row is brand of modern luxury range of contemporary furniture’s made for customers wanting to have enriching experience in home decor. We wish to provide our customer with the best what we can offer in terms of design, styling and luxury.

cogent1-150x150Cogent means “strong” as the name suggest these are domestic steel doors with wood and non wood finish look and feel, made from imported non rusting luxury steel and design with best locking solution aimed to provide our customers fool proof security to there homes and offices.


smart-150x150Smart homes are prefabricated roof top and grounded studio apartments/ bungalows where we aim to provide our customer roof top housing solutions in urban areas as they have exhausted there permissible limit of floor build up on existing houses. These construction does not require any regulatory permission as they are classified in temporary construction yet they provide residents better comfort and styling then conventional construction at cost effective rates.