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    Wall Partitioning

Steel Cladding


  • Economics -Efficient production systems using innovative technology, than other materials used for paneling such as (Glass, zinc, AL composite panel, marble) thus giving over all price competitiveness
  • Patterns– can be produced in variety patterns and textures, Using the gravure printing method, peeled and color patterns in the Steel material, which gives beautiful appearance.
  • Non-flammable- Minimize the damage by reducing the spread of fire as product is Class 1 flame retardant products
  • Environmentally friendly / recyclable- Eco-friendly material, the products conforming to Residual of Hazardous Substances Directive limits (ROHS)
  • Maintenance is easy- construction period shortening / cost savings
  • Excellent workability– flat surface, and a variety of areas, as well as ease the process
  • Self-cleaning function- Development to wash off with water, such as dirt or dust at the time of rain or wash out
  • Heat shielding effect- Designed to lower the temperature rise of the building by giving the function of reflecting the solar

Comparison with other paneling material

Nine minutes Metals Stone
Steel panels Titanium coated SS Enamel AL composite panel
Materials (\ / ㎡) Lowest Very high Very high medium High
Pattern/ Color Variety of patterns are avaliable Marble, Zinc, copper corrosion, neck pattern (100 pattern available) In accordance with thenew consumer demand Possible development ( ◎ ) Restriction pattern
( ▲ )
No pattern( ▲ ) No pattern( ▲ ) No new development
( ▲ )
Incombustible Class 1 flame retardant (◎) X(Vulnerable to fire)
Environmentally friendly / Recycling X X
Ease of Maintenance Color and maintenance No matching
Process ability (Surface processing) X
Weatherproof 20 years warranty (○) 60Year (◎ ) 20Year ( ○ ) 20Years warranty ( ○ ) Permanent (◎ )

◎ Excellent, ○ good, ▲ Usually, X Bad

Product Layout & Physical Properties


Item Physical Property
Flexibility(T-Bending) 2T bending OK
Pencil Hardness H
Weatherproof 20 years(PVDF)
Nonflammable 1st Grade