These are Steel Doors fitted with Digital Locks and viewing mechanism. We offer Digital locks with varied features company fitted to suit the need of customers both in terms of budget and features.

Advantages are.

  • “one Door one Lock”- philosophy works best with steel doors and digital locks as strong doors lets you feel secured with only one lock at the doors and lets you have perfect key less entry.
  • Viewing mechanism – it can be directly mounted directly on the door leaf and connected to the electrical circuit between the leaf of the doors . no additional fixing on the wall.
  • Price advantage – we offer un matched value preposition to our customer in terms of price and ease of use.
  • No fitting required- all fittings have pre cut slot and internal fitting are fitted from the done from the factor hence bring saving on cost and time, customers can do it them selves..

Locking options

Digital Locks



Viewing options

Video Door phone


Door Viewer