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Why Steel Doors

Pre Construction Door Frame Fixing

Post Construction Door Frame Fixing

Advantages of Steel Doors Over Wooden

Made of anti-rust pre coated imported Galvanized steel

Modular Galvanised Anti Rust Door FramesCogent Steel Doors are coated with 80 grams per square meter zinc over steel and further with 5 layers of paint coating to make it absolutely rust free and long life.


All weather proof and Termite resistant.
Doors being made of steel, is free from termites and does not expand during rainy season or any condition even if it being kept in water for days.

Anti Burglary – Class 2 Doors.
Our Doors are High quality Security Doors. Classified under Class 2 rating are very difficult to cut through then. Inserted metal frame with cross bars inside the skin(18 gauge) filled with High Density insulation make it impossible to break through with

Fire Rated for 120 minutes
In case of fire our doors can resist fire for very long time thus providing safe passage to people and not allowing the spread of fire in the building.

Our Doors have been approved by CBRI Rourkee for the above given rating.


Our doors are more sound proof than wood Doors
Our Door sound transmission rating is 26 much higher than wood of flush door.


Provide higher thermal insulation than wood
Doors with R Factor of 11.01 these Doors are more energy Efficient than normal doors thus keeping the rooms & Houses cooler.[/two_third]


Weight equal to flush doors
Weight of door 35 kgs for 40 mm doors which is almost equal to flush door


Knocking sound of wood
Doors have no Steel ringing sound and give knocking sound of wood.


Higher Impact resistance

Door have impact resistance and compressive resistance than normal Doors


Genuine wood finish Texture and feel
Our doors are exactly similar to wooden doors both in terms Of both look and feel.

Since Our steel is wood finished, textured and embossed to give look and feel of wood.

Produced by best Japanese steel manufacturers specially for doors.



High quality Door frame are also available
Although our Doors can easily fit on wooden door frames, Steel Door Frames are economical with superior qualities ,it very high dimensional accuracy, fitment, long life and lock strength.

Our frames are made up of High Quality Anti rust TATA Glavano.

Material having colour matching with the doors.

Fitment can be provided for both masonry and post construction types


Size no bar
Doors are available in all size and can be customized as per requirement of the project and accessories fitment required. our standard doors sizes are 40mm*910/813*2050/2000.


We offer five year warranty (Conditions apply)
We offer warranty on all the products including accessories.



100% Green product
Our Doors are Green product and all its components are minimal environment damaging