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Construction Method ” With Structure “

Construction Method ” Without Structure “

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Specification of Steel

Interior Finishes of Houses


No permission from the authority required.

This type of construction is classified as temporary construction under rule of law hence it does not require you to take any permission, neither in case of increasing permissible FAR nor constructing in area where law does not permit.

Within load bearing capacity of your existing roof

This type of construction is light weight and is within load bearing capacity of your exiting building roof and structure. Hence incase of old houses you do not need to deconstruct building to add additional floor.

Fast and hassle free Construction

Entire construction can be completed within no time. Hence very little inconvenience for the residents providing in dust free construction environment

More heat proof than normal construction

Our prefab structure has very high R value that make is more heat resistant than normal construction. Your AC and other cooling and Heating systems work far better and thus are more energy efficient.

Customized as per the requirements of customer.

Construction can be customized as per the need and requirement of the customer and architect. It can be fitted with all the modern amenities like AC. Concealed wiring and appliances like normal construction.

Designer exterior and interior finish with imported steel

Our Homes are made from specially sourced Steel from Japan designed for giving long lasting and unique exterior and interior finish. They are available in variety of look and feel depending on customer requirement. Our fitments like doors and windows are also unique and best in class and are designed for the very purpose

Johnny Debb expandable furniture’s

Our houses come with expandable furniture’s unique to our company. They let you expand your space and offer you multiplicity of product and space. Our spaces saving furniture ranges are quite well known in the country and are offered to our smart house customers at discounted rates.

High Quality doors and Windows.

Doors our own product first of its kind high finish luxury doors where as windows from ENCRAFT for giving our customers high quality finish.