What is the price of prefabricated house?

Price ranges between Rs. 1500-2500 depending on the floor area to be constructed amenities and area required.
a. More area – less cost
b. Site conditions – Ground or Rooftop
c. Amenities required – No of bedrooms and bathrooms
d. Medium or Luxury interiors.

What are the materials used for construction?

a. Base-6 inch concrete work on roof top and 2 feet plinth on the ground (in scope of customer)
b. Structure – steel frames.
c. Walls – sandwich panels of both side steel imported from Japan.

Is this prefab house heat proof?

These houses are 5 times more heat proof then your normal brick and mortar construction as polyurethane is injected inside the steel panels and polyurethane is the best insulation in the present time. Ac tonnage required is half per square feet due to high insulation.

Exterior finish has steel and coating of zinc of 120 Gm per square meter and 5 layers of coating on top. This texture steel is being imported from Japan and has color life coated on top of 10 years minimum and total life of product in 20 years or more. The steel used is same Galvaanealed steel used for making BMW and Mercedes giving 30 years of rust free life.

Can exterior finish be re-done?
Yes it can be painted and polished to change the look and feel like normal house when ever needed.
Can I relocate my house?

Yes house can easily relocated or rearranged depending on need as 90 % of the material is recoverable. Only plinth is non recoverable.

What is the feeling of external steel?

Both textured and plain designer looks are available for both external and internal finish.

How interiors are done?

Interiors are done both with steel and exotic wall papers. As per customer requirement that can go for painting as well.

Who will do architectural and interior planning?
We have full team to do exclusive architectural planning and design exclusive interiors for you to create your dream space.
What are included in the price?
Price includes the entire work consultancy, interiors, lighting and bathroom fittings except modular kitchen and furniture.
Do you provide furniture too?

Yes our company makes well known brand of innovative and space saving furniture. Customers choosing our furniture are offered exclusive discounts to make overall cost lower for customers.

What are doors and windows used?

We are using doors branded as cogent doors of our make made with Japanese collaboration and are branded best doors in the country having host of features to modern amenities like fully digitalized solutions.
Windows are sourced for ENCRAFT German manufacturer to offer customer the best quality and life of the product.

What kind of flooring is done?
We give both wooden flooring (action tesa) and tiled (Kajaria) as per requirement o f the customer.
Can I fit amenities like AC or heater?

Yes everything which can be done on normal construction can be done in prefab construction.
Yes, we have in-house team of architects and designers who can design customized layouts as per your requirement.
Yes it is tested to 120 km/h wind speed and it is further reinforced steel depending on the wind zone it is being constructed.

What is the strength of roof?

Both flat and slope roof have ample strength even without steel structure for people to carry on normal activity on the top. If it is reinforced with structure it is as strong as your normal construction.

What is the weight of the house?

Total construction is of very light weight for any roof top to withstand the load.

Do I need permission for it from local authority when constructed of roof top?

It depends on bylaws of the area as normally it is not brick or mortar construction hence classified into temporary construction (kuchha construction).

How are wiring and all done?

Everything is concealed as normal construction.

Can we have a customized design as per our requirement?

Yes, we have in-house team of architects and designers who can design customized layouts as per your requirement.

Yes, Owner has to provide the following things
1. Plinth structure (as per site requirement) on which the structure will be build.
2. Septic Tank for bathroom and kitchen.
3. Electric and Water Supply connections up to prefab house.