Our mortised doors are best in the category and are most selling in its class and has caught the imaginations of many builders and architects due to its clear advantage over traditional doors.
• “People not liking cage concept” since it takes care off security ,customer can avoid Jali iron door at front.
• Larger doors can be build easily, as double doors on 40 mm thickness with mortised lock can only be build by this technology since they need flat front.
• One door one lock concept going popular.
• Brand enhancement as builder is able to offer guarantees to its customer on doors too.
• No polishing and rework required for years to come and can easily take dirt of construction as after one wash it as good as new.
• For lock and door hanging no carpenter is required thus saving on both money and labor.
• Wooden look and feel and wooden knocking sound adds at delight


Mortised lock Locking solutions By


Our doors have factory fitted accessories to give it best fit, save time and money. We provide doors  with standard digital and  mechanical locks from YALE- USA

worlds best locks manufacturers since 1854, to give complete   solution to customers coupled with best value in terms of over all price to customers.

Keys cannot be duplicated as they are dimpled to give you  complete security


Standard Fittings


EN Mortise Locks

All Yale EN mortise lock cases meet the European standard (EN) with 200,000 lifecycles. These mortise lock cases can fit with a wide range of lever handles and door cylinders to provide the utmost in door lock security.

  • Standard: EN12209:2003
  • Testing Cycles: More than 200,000 cycles tested
  • Materials:
    – Latch and Bolt: Stainless steel
    – Faceplate and Strike: Stainless steel or brass
  • Backset: 55mm
  • C to C: 72mm