Roof Top Houses

Roof top houses are generally designed and customized as per specification given by customer and space available on the roof top. Our team of specialists visits the site and designs the floor plan as per customer to fit the requirement and size parameters.
Designs shown below are some of the works we have done or illustrations to help customer t choose this site plan and serve as guide line.

Entire Rooftop Development Plan Model no-704 Kirti Nagar

Model no-704
bedroom room hall pantry and kitchen area-820Sq ft.
Entire roof top developed as party cum studio apartment with collapsible wall

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Entire Rooftop Development Plan Model no-704 Karol Bagh

Model no-704
4 Room Pantry and three bathroom-1000sq ft
We also take entire roof development project such as done in this case of PG purpose

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1 BHK rooftop house Model No 701

Model no-701

one room and bathroom area-257 sq ft
Compact design fits any roof size and is most popular design in terms of sales

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1 BHK design studio apartment Model no-702

Model no-702

one bed room living and bathroom area-683 sq ft
Studio apartment type floor plan complete for one family.

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1 BHK design suited for bachelor Model no-703

Model no-703
one bed room bathroom area-139 sq ft
design suited for bachelor room or kids study room size

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1 BHK rooftop house Model No 704-Patel Nagar

Model no-704
One bed room drawing with area of-433 Sq ft
One bed room hall with attachment to existing bathroom done for party hall in Patel nagar

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1 BHK rooftop house Model No 704

Model no-704
one bed room bathroom area-667 sq ft
Ideal design for any roof top versatility of this alleviation suit for any usage be it residential or private Bar

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1 BHK room with small pantry Model No 706

Model no-706
One bed room hall kitchen pantry-425Sq ft.
Kids room done on rooftop done in from of hut with one bedroom hall kitchen with small pantry.

One bedroom compact brick finish steel Model No 710

Model no-710
One bed cum com bath with area -247sq ft
One bedroom compact done in brick finish steel

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