When looking at options for a cabin, outbuilding, storage, etc., we know there are many types of buildings and construction methods from which to choose. Below are some of the benefits of selecting a container dwelling for your needs:

Strength and Durability. Our containers are made of designer steel insulated panels which are best suited got the both strength and insulation. Robust steel framing both below and top surface gives the required rigidity to handle and rough usage.

 Move in the same day. All of our cabins are custom designed based on the specific usage requirements and preferences of the customer. They are pre-plubmed, pre-wired, and delivered completely assembled. As long as the required services (water, electric, sewer/septic) are onsite, they can be set, secured, and hooked up the same day. You would be living in the cabin that evening!

Low maintenance. If you are interested in as little maintenance as possible, we offer metal framing with  preprinted steel for high non-rust life and usage.

Termite and Insect resistant. Since completely made of steel hence no danger of termites in off locations

 Weather resistant. Shipping containers were built specifically to withstand all types of severe weather.

Made for transporting. Shipping containers were specifically designed for transport. There are many tow and transport services which will pick up and deliver the containers. Because they are 8′ wide they are not considered an ‘oversize load’, making shipping costs less than moving a conventional building. We can help you arrange delivery and placement of the container cabin on your site or you are free to contact your own tow service if you have your own contacts. You are also free to pick up the container cabin yourself if you have the equipment.